Updated To Do List:

SUCCESS! I feel pretty good about my levels of productivity. This was good – crossing things off always makes me feel better. I feel kind of bad about skipping Acting 1 this morning, but I had far more important things to do and needed to do them today, on my own time. Acting 1 would have been a huge waste of time.

Speaking of that class, I should email the professor …

Also, the sun was beautiful today. Absolutely gorgeous. I sat outside and did some homework, it was wonderful. Then I had to go to work, but it was still wonderful.

1. Do reading for class!

60 pages for history (47/60),

essays for Creative Writing, and

“Fall of the House of Usher” for Am. Lit.

2. Get stuff together for SPROUT and MPIRG for the Earth Day Fair.

3. Add SoS people to the Google group/follow up on some calls. Email those same SoS people the articles on fundraising.

4. Email the people I started emailing yesterday about fundraising. (aka Beg for money for Summer of Solutions)

5. Put the people I’m contacting for money into the google doc for SoS. Put the participants I’ve talked to into google doc for SoS.

6. Go to work.

7. Meet with SPROUT at 8:15 tonight.

8. Table for MPIRG? Keep self sane, and don’t table for MPIRG.

9. Rehearse lines for Acting/start memorizing.


11. Eat well. Self, it is important to treat your body like a temple. You will feel better.

12. Figure out my dreaded Love Life. I kind of hate being polyamorous right now. (this is as done as it’s going to be ever.)

13. Set up henna parties for fundraising.

14. Figure out whether I’m applying to go to the climate talks at Copenhagen. And it’s a YES!

I promise that sometime, there will be a real update here. Yes. That will happen.


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