And now I collapse.

Earth Day is kind of a big deal when you’re an environmental activist.

I have learned that this year. I only just now finished doing things for the day.

I’ve been going straight since my 8 o’clock class. And the thing is that I know I really should do some more reading tonight for class, but I just can’t muster the energy to do it.

I guess I’m really hitting zombie mode. This week is horrible, as far as scheduling goes. Tomorrow is Earth Day, and we’re having a huge sustainability fair. I also have a collaborative research meeting, right after the fair. Then, lots of homework. I still have about 100 pages of reading for Thursday and a rough draft for creative writing to do.

Thursday is registration for next semester, three classes, two meetings, and working as a dresser backstage. After that, I’m sure I’ll collapse.

Friday is pretty wide open – except I’m going to Take Back The Night that night, and I’m going to try to do homework that day.

Saturday is the garden clean-up and planning session. Then, Saturday night I’m having a henna party as a fundraiser for SoS. Sunday is homework catch-up, a SPROUT meeting, and then chilling with SPROUT members. Also, swing dancing. T

hankfully, next week isn’t nearly as crazy. It just so happens that everything always lines up to bite me in the ass at once. I’m also going to go to bed early. God, it’s like I’m a grown up or something … I want to actually post about something, but I can’t. This is my life this week. Sad.


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