lkasjd;gkjhasdijf awkejfa;dxh

That is the noise my brain makes when it’s the week before finals.

So … close …

I only have five things left on my To Do list, and I could finish … at least some of them … tonight, but my mind just won’t work. Nope. No more working for the brain.

Instead, I’ll dream about what I’ll do immediately upon moving out of this horrid little dorm room.

Abbie’s Fantastic Dream-Worthy Beginning of Summer Detox Plan:

1. Meditate.

2. Read some good poetry and start a book. For fun.

3. Catch up on the blog posts I’ve planned.

4. Hang out with friends. Do nothing of much consequence.

5. Dance alone in the living room.

6. Sleep as much as I feel like.

7. Eat well – potentially go vegetarian.

8. Start doing yoga every day.

9. Go for some truly epic bike rides.

10. Play with my cats.

There are some things that I’ll have to do. My personal fund raising campaign for SoS will go into hyperdrive, and I will have to start doing some research. But my life will generally be a lot more relaxed. I just have to make it through Monday, and I’m home free.


2 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. You should talk to Chris about biking. He plans to do a lot of it this summer. I also read that there’s a group that does full moon bike rides in Menomonie.

  2. Ooh … you know lots of cool things. Yeah, I’ll be sure to talk to Chris. Maybe we can bike the Red Cedar Trail at some point when I’m back. Also – full moon bike rides? Hard CORE!

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