Now on Ravelry!

I have a ravelry account!

This is quite exciting. All kinds of free patterns, and a bunch of experts at my fingertips. Fantastic!

I am so inspired to knit all kinds of cool things right now. I just need to finish this purse, and then I can get started for real.

My username is Psykiapa, check it out if you’re on ravelry! I don’t have much up there – I’m far more experienced with sewing than with knitting, and knitting takes a while – but hopefully soon I’ll have more projects.

In other news, since I just moved home and everything is still in boxes until I move on Monday, I can’t find my camera cable to upload pictures to the computer. Therefore, it will take me longer than I’d thought to post about the green dress I made. Sorry guys! It’s gorgeous, and worth the wait to check out, but I was hoping to get it up by now.

I also have some really cool vintage patterns at my disposal. My mom cleaned out my grandma’s garage, and she had a ton of patterns in there. The really cool ones are a couple of apron patterns from the forties. I want to make one, but mom’s going to keep the patterns here, and I won’t be here for too long.

Just as well. I have knitting projects to finish, and a friend commissioned me to make a dress for her that I need to get started on. She’s going to live in Japan next school year, so I need to finish it by … August, I think. It shouldn’t be too hard – just a typical shirt dress. But she did pick out really cool fabric.

There will be picture updates of that, as well.

And now … I should really attempt to work on my summer research stuff. That’s hard, because this is my only week off. We’ll see how it goes.

Love and peace,



2 thoughts on “Now on Ravelry!

  1. Yay for ravelry! It’s so exciting. And … really, really motivating. I’ve already found awesome patterns, and have deduced that I need to learn how to crochet.

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