Today has been an absolute whirlwind.

I have, thus far:

1. Typed up my weekly research schedule.

2. Written up a spreadsheet of contact info, that I need to fill out tomorrow or Tuesday.

3. Drafted my initial contact letter asking for interviews

4. Gone through all my crap – this entails deciding what’s coming with me, and what stays at “home,” and what I’m getting rid of, and what’s thrift-saled.

5. Packed the car.

6. Packed the jeep.

7. Hauled all the furniture out to the garage.

8. Got on the national call for SoS

9. Made arrangements to pick up the orange chair I bought off of Craig’s List

10. … I feel like there was more.

So yes. I am not human today, but machine. All of these activities are draining, and they all happened in one day. I’m still waiting to get some documents to edit for SoS, and other than that, my brain is not good for much of anything but knitting. And I can’t even handle music right now. So there.

Summer of Solutions officially starts tomorrow! Excitement! I can’t wait to meet everyone, give them hugs, eat together, get to know one another, and just be together after three months in the making. I also really can’t wait to just get in to that apartment. My roommate is absolutely fantastic, and I can’t wait to see more of her.

I think all I’m good for at this point is knitting. Therefore, I’m going to go do that.


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