New Apartment

I’m all settled in to the new apartment. It is quite possibly the cutest living space I’ve ever inhabited.

This week marks the beginning of Summer of Solutions – Twin Cities.

Oh man. Where to begin? This journey is one that I can’t, in any way, predict. Last night at the opening potluck, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by so many wonderful young people being in the same room, there for the same reason, with a beautiful vision of the future.

I feel truly honored to be one of these people. These solutionaries.

It’s cliche, but I can already feel that this summer will change a lot about who I am and how I live my life. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, but my intuition is setting off fireworks in the back of my head. I should follow that, and see where it takes me.

Not much of an update for now, but I know that this will be very important. I can feel it in my very bones.


Have been attempting to do research all day, but have been perpetually distracted by the state of the apartment. It’s finally in a condition I feel comfortable with; boxes aren’t littering the floor as much, things are (almost) all put away, and most importantly – my books have found their homes.

And tomorrow, I really have to get cracking on my research. The evening is pretty full, as is the night, but the morning is my first research seminar and then I have two or three hours open in the afternoon for a mad dash of reading, emailing, and other research-y things.

With that, I’m off to a bonfire with the SoS crowd. What a beautiful night this will be.


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