Research OUT LOUD!

Started this yesterday and don’t feel like updating it. Also, haven’t done any more research this morning, so whatever. Pretend this is last night.


My research has been fairly effective this week.

I had a really good day of researching on Monday – got a lot of good policy papers read, and then made the first calls in the afternoon asking people if I could interview them.

Then yesterday was pretty much all compiling information and getting ready for my presentation today. It went well, I think. It’s hard to tell, though, because what I’m doing is so very interdisciplinary, and I was presenting with other people who were doing very disciplinary-specific projects.

I don’t have much to present at this point anyway – it’s the second week of official research, and I’d hit some roadblocks there.

This afternoon was really the exciting part. I scheduled SIX interviews and had a really long (20-minute phonecall) with one of the people I’m interviewing! I also found about eight more people and sent out the initial contact letters/phone messages. And that’s on top of my receiving the email yesterday that I was invited to the White Earth Land Recovery Project’s wind turbine raising party, where I’ll be able to interview a lot of people, get some good photos, and maybe even footage!

I’ve also read a couple more articles while I’m at it, though most of the afternoon was spent on the phone navigating answering services, etc.

The project is definitely turning out to be different than I had intended. There’s definitely more policy work than I had thought I’d have to do for a while. Most of the up-to-date information on my topic consists of policy papers put out by various indigenous activist groups. There are some older books that I can definitely utilize, but they are more as a sort of “history of the movement” than anything terribly relevant. You know, the sort of source that I can really only use for background knowledge, and isn’t terribly relevant to the current research/situation.

Now it is more than rolling! It’s rocking!

… I think that was my bad pun quota for the day. But it was oh so sweet.


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