Lack of Posts this Week is Fret-worthy

Hello my beautiful wonderful readers on this glorious Midsummer day!

I haven’t posted this week (other than the Cool Monday). It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. My non-internet life has just been booming with activity, and hence, I haven’t had time to post here.

BUT – this is a good sign, as my research, SoS, and personal life are all going swimmingly well! Still, I will post something cool sooner or later.

I may be putting together a Video-log (VLOG) post with the camera I’m to use for my research! Very exciting. I need to figure out how to get a film from the camera to my computer, and then how to store it and upload it. Long story short, I need to film something as a test-run before I go up to the Reervation.

And that thing I test may just be a Vlog post. It will be coming either today or tomorrow morning, depending on when I can get the post up on YouTube.

Other exciting thing: I have added a page to the blog of my reading list. It starts out with what people are most likely interested in, and then goes into my assignments for a class, and then into my research book list. Veeeeery exciting. Books are love.

Also, take a gander at this new layout. I like it a lot better, as it has my pages more prominently displayed at the top of the blog, rather than hidden on the side, and it has a nice calendar of posts. Unfortunately, there is no blog roll, so I’ll have to make one for my pages.

That is all for now. The plan for the day is to do some research, make me some bagels, have a textiles/craft meeting for SoS, and then go to a Midsummer celebration. Should be good times, good times.

Catch y’all with a post later!


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