Cool Monday

So, I do NOT have a Vlog post for you. I ran into some strange difficulties, had to go get a different camera, still don’t have the software, and then what with yesterday being Midsummer and all, I didn’t find the time to actually create a Vlog post. BUT this may be a good thing because I don’t know if I’ll have enough battery on the camera to last me through the interview.
Therefore, this is just a regular old Cool Monday post, with a different person’s awesome video. Hopefully I’ll have some videos of my own to share with y’all soon.

Here are a couple of Gogol Bordello videos. I’ve been in love with them lately – it may have something to do with me reading “Everything is Illuminated.” Such a great movie, and an even better book.

The first is the music video for their most famous song, the second is just a really pretty song they did that somebody put pictures to.

Have a lovely week! I’ll be back online when I’m back from the reservation.


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