I want to do a post on my own independence. This holiday has made me think about independence. However, as I am not patriotic at all (moreso now that I can agree with most of what’s going on in the national field, but still … I dislike blind allegiance to any country), I will not be posting it today.

Isn’t that really independence? Or is it just me being ironic?

Sometimes I worry that I’m a secret asshole.

Anyway, I want to write a blog post on independence, but I think that will have to wait until after the fourth, and therefore after I get back from South Dakota.

Other blog posts I want to write:

1. Grad school/fellowships/life in the Great Beyond.
2. Going abroad.
3. Literary woes.
4. Going “off the grid.”

But it seems they will all have to wait until I get back from South Dakota, unless I get motivated later today to write about them. The grad school post is particularly heavy on my mind, because I’ve been thinking about that more often these days.

Today it seems that I will be doing some research (when am I not?), bringing some ice cream to a good friend of mine who is sick, and … wandering down to my hometown’s “freedom fest.” This is never all that exciting, but if I feel like being sleezy, I can probably get cheese curds for a discount by wearing less clothing than I usually do.

Yes, I am a classy dame from Wisconsin. I promise.

Also slightly wicked.

That’s all for now, I should get back to the grind. Just a quick meta-blog to let you know what I’m thinking and what’s coming in the future.

Go forth with peace. Don’t get too drunk and stupid around fire. This can have a tendency to be painful.


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