Today is a day for sewing

Once I get back home, I’ve got some sewing projects I need to get started on.

A while back, my friend commissioned me to make her a dress. I thought she would look awesome in a 1970s-ish shirt dress. So she bought the fabric, and ever since it’s been sitting in my closet, waiting for me to have a spare moment.

Here’s a picture:

Imagine that as a two-piece set, with crazy psychedelic orange, red, and brown swirls and deep purple accents (collar, cuffs, buttons), and you’ve got the outfit I’m making for her.

This has to be finished, because I really want to start working on another dress for myself. I’m altering it from a super easy pattern. The pattern is just your basic sundress, but I’m going to take the fabric in and make it almost a wiggle. Almost.

I’m also going to add some kick pleats to it, but don’t know quite how those will turn out as I picked a really light fabric. I haven’t bought the fabric to go in the pleats yet, and will probably wait until the dress is together. I might just use some sort of lace fabric, if it looks like the kick pleats wouldn’t work that way.

Anyway, it’ll probably end up being a combination of these dresses:

Stop Staring Memphis Belle Gingham Dress

Lolita Girl Cap Sleeve Red Haute Dress

Except, white and either green or mocha, and very, very light.

We’ll see how it goes, it’s my first experiment with design (that ends in me actually making a dress, not just a sketch). The goal is to have it done by my birthday (two weeks from now). That also means I need to get cracking on my friend’s dress, as I have had that fabric for FAR too long.

Have to go pack now to head out. All of these projects are dependent on me getting back home so I can work on them.


5 thoughts on “Today is a day for sewing

  1. I thought it was going to be a one-piece. . .? Or did we choose a two-piece because of some sort of fitting reason?

    Can’t remember. It’s been too long.

    • Oh, yes, it can be. The pattern has two options, but you pointed at the red one, which is a two-piece. I can totally make it a one-piece if you want, not too late at all.

      It will be done by the end of the summer! How exciting!

  2. Okay, so, I am addicted to both the vintage dresses you linked. I liked the Stop Staring Gingham dress the best 😀 It would be a great wedding dress idea!!

  3. Really? You would go for something short like that? Well that changes things!

    Also, you should check out the rest of that website for wedding dress ideas – there are some absolutely gorgeous, relatively cheap (as in, just over $200/under $200) dresses.

    We should talk soon about patterns/if you’re buying it/if I’m making it/whatsits. Glad you liked the dresses I linked!

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