World Travel?

x-posted from Livejournal. It was an answer to their “Writer’s Block” question, which was “What vacations would you most like to take in the next few years?”

I have quite a few travel plans for the next five years. Ever since I went to Germany in high school, I have definitely been bitten by the travel bug. For a while, I even wanted to go to school in Scotland. That, obviously, didn’t end up working out, but I still have huge plans. This was actually a huge problem, because I couldn’t decide where to go to study abroad, and that turned out to be really problematic. I think, since coming to school, I have “decided” on at least 12 different plans/locations, including debates over whether I should be gone for just a semester or a full year.

But I now have a definite plan, with a definite reason, and it’s something that I can get really behind.

Immediate plans: I am going to India to study abroad fall semester of my senior year. I’ll be in Jaipur, which is in an arid region of India. It’s also an area with less development, and it tends to be a place that tourists go because of the palaces and beautiful, colorful fabrics. The culture of the area is diverse (like all of India), but this place in particular has more Muslims due to its proximity to Pakistan. There are also a lot of Hindus, some Jainists, and some Buddhists.

Needless to say, I’m really excited to go. I have no idea what it will be like, really, but I can’t wait to go.

Other travel plans:

I definitely want to bike/canoe the Mississippi upon graduation from college. I don’t know how much time I’ll have between graduating and other things, but this would be a gorgeous path to take, ending in New Orleans. (This is especially good if I get a job in New Orleans, which I am seriously considering.) I don’t have any details worked out for this yet, it would be really cool if I could go with some friends, maybe my dad, and my mom driving the car down the coast with all of our things.

It’s not world travel, but it’s still pretty awesome.

I also really feel the need to go to Ireland. In my search for spirituality, for a practice, for something to ground my paganism, Ireland’s cycle speaks to me. I won’t say the most, because Native American spirituality also really speaks to me, and there is still something about the Norse Nine Worlds that I find beautiful, but Ireland seems to be what I am most able to practice. I’m still definitely searching, but I think that Ireland and Old Irish Customs may be where I land.

That being said, I really feel that I should go to Ireland. To meet the people, to be in the space, to learn, and also – Ireland seems like it would be a really fun place to go and visit. I definitely need to travel there.

I think that’s about as much travel as my pocketbook can handle for the next five years. Here are some more far-off dreams:

1. Backpack through Eastern Europe. (John and Chelsea: if this isn’t a honeymoon for you two, we could totally do this together)
2. Visit New Zealand
3. Get a Fullbright Scholarship to go somewhere. It would probably be either Morocco or India, but I need to really design my project and research goals if I were to get a Fullbright. I’d also want to learn either Arabic or Hindi much better (as in, actually learn it – I can’t speak either of those in any capacity at the moment).

I still haven’t decided whether I’d like to do the Peace Corps or not. It would be a really great experience, especially if I go to grad school for International Environmental Development. But that decision is far ahead for me.

Mm … travel. I wish I had the funds to do that more often.


2 thoughts on “World Travel?

  1. If you have any questions about the Peace Corps, I’d be happy to try to answer them – I leave for my service in Ukraine this September!

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