Tattoo Plans?

(question marks are apparently a theme in my subject lines)

Tattoos quite fascinate me. When I was in my teens, I used to say that I would never, ever, get a tattoo. I was scared by how permanent they are, and had seen too many horrible examples of tattoos.

Then an image lodged itself in my brain.

And two years later, I got the tattoo.

First Tattoo

I absolutely love it, I’m really glad I got it, and I’m glad I waited so long on getting it. I’m also incredibly thankful that it is my own design, so I really put a lot of myself into it.

One thing I’ve noticed? Tattoos are addictive. I already want another one. It’s just deciding what tattoo to get this time.

I would love to get “namaste” in Sanskrit, either on my wrist or forearm. However, I really don’t want to get this before I go to India. I would much rather get it after India, as a sort of mark of the personal journey I took in India and in my life. I’m also really, seriously considering becoming a yoga instructor, and this would obviously mean a lot there as well. That’s in the running, and the tattoo that I know (most probably) that I will get.

But I’m considering several other tattoos.

I really love the artwork of Esao Andrews. It’s hauntingly beautiful, as well as being somewhat dark. I’ve considered getting a couple of his pieces – the first is the one of a tree riding a bicycle. The second is a stag whose antlers turn into a tree, and within the branches I would have the words
“Tread Softly” from Yeats’ poem.

But I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to a full-on back piece. Also, I’m not sure that I would want that much of my back to be covered permanently. I think, if I get a tattoo before the namaste, I will feel a lot safer if it is entirely concealable. My foot tattoo is definitely concealable, but I don’t do that all that often, as I love wandering around barefoot, and showing it off. The namaste tattoo would be a bit more difficult to conceal, but I’m not entirely set on placement for that. I’d like it to be visible to myself, but it would also be really great on the back of my neck (easily concealed by high necklines, scarves, or long hair).

I’m also considering these quotes:

1. Trust your story. (“Instructions” by Neil Gaiman)

2. Dwell in Possibility. (Emily Dickinson)

3. There is a place where the sidewalk ends … (Shel Silverstein)

4. Wander on one arm/appendage and Lost on the other. (this is a part of Tolkien’s quote “Not all those who wander are lost,” but I don’t want to get the whole thing)

5. The hat/boa constrictor image from The Little Prince.

And, of course, before I get my literary tattoos, I would definitely want to reread all of the books that have inspired me so deeply. Also, I would definitely consider getting an illustration rather than a quote – as awesome as text tattoos are, I wouldn’t want to get too many. I feel like that would really crowd up my body.

Those are some thoughts as of now. It will be a while before I actually go out and get my next tattoo – I have a lot of thinking to do before then. I probably won’t get one until next summer at the earliest, but a close friend of mine is getting another tattoo on Sunday, and so I’ve been thinking about my plans for them quite frequently.


One thought on “Tattoo Plans?

  1. Beautiful tattoo 🙂

    It is SO important to think long and hard about what to get, in my opinion. I really like the idea of you getting your tattoo in India to remind you of your own journey, that sounds perfect 🙂

    I do like literary quotes. I really want to get the first paragraph of Puck’s final speech in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream but the area where I think it would look best probably wouldn’t work due to my pawprints being too close to the left hand side of my shoulderblade… (there’s a link to my deviantART page on my blog that has some pics of my ink, if you want to see).

    Anyhow, sorry for rambling! But great post, great ink and great thought processes 🙂 It’s always refreshing to see someone putting so much thought into their tattoos 🙂

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