Things that are actually happening in my life

Woah! Major spike in readership! I was just boppin’ through my readomattic, happened to go back to my dashboard, and saw that I had 41 readers yesterday. Holla!

So I guess that warrants a real post, now, doesn’t it?

This week has been really bizarre. Monday was definitely awful. You know those days when really, you shouldn’t have got out of bed? It was that kind of day. For no particular reason, I was just in a bad mood and things weren’t going my way, dammit. It got better, once about 7 o clock rolled around. I realized just how therapeutic cooking is to me. Note to self: Cook more often.

Yesterday was good, but nothing happened as I had expected it to. I expected to go into work at the costume shop and be there from 10-3; I was actually there from 10-12. So I came back home, and got started writing a grant for Summer of Solutions. Plugged through two pages of it (the first is good, the second … not so much.) Then I spontaneously called a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and we hung out for a good long time.

Mind you, this is all done while I’m fasting – doing a detox to jump-start the diet I’m on. So everything was very surreal and strange due to not actually having normal blood sugar levels.

After it all, I went to see “500 Days of Summer” with my roommate. Thank you, movie industry, for finally depicting someone trying to get over someone else. Also, I really appreciated that movie generally. It would have been much improved if I had normal blood sugar levels, though.

This morning, I woke up, and tried to do yoga, but got too dizzy. So I ate a bowl of cereal, and it took me quite a while to wake up after that. I think today will contain more grant-writing, food (vast improvement upon yesterday, right there), and a date. Yes, a date. This will certainly be interesting – I’ve never really met him before, other than online. But he’s funny, and he’s into backpacking and bicycling, so that’s a thing.

I might also sew some more today. I realized that the dress I cut out isn’t actually one I want to make for myself. So I’ll finish it, try to make it super-professional, and sell it on Etsy. Unless I end up liking it, in some weird coincidence, once it’s made. I’m making it my personal goal to finish this dress before the week is out.

Granted, it should be my goal to get a draft of this grant done and to finish reading Motherless Brooklyn. It would be a good plan to get ahead on my reading for the 21st Century Novel class, because that one will probably be something like a novel of reading for every week and a half. If I could finish one novel a week before semester starts, I’d be ahead three books. But let’s face it: that’s not gonna happen.

Plus, I really want to make a skirt out of an old pair of my jeans! When I went to see my friend yesterday, she was bumming around in the jean skirt she’d made, and … man, I want. Want for real. Especially considering my strange lack of skirts in the closet. (I love skirts and dresses. I wear them constantly.) Plus, sewing challenge! I like projects, if you can’t tell. I’m working about five at once.

Which is why I can’t justify the jean-skirt project until I’ve finished this godforsaken dress. Wish me luck with this one, I may just need it. Or at least, wish me the patience to finish it.


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