Who needs to be social on a Saturday night when you can just make yourself a new skirt?

Lately I’ve been on a kick of doing strangely domestic things at odd hours of the night. Tonight was classic; as soon as I got back home from visiting friends, I started to work on a new skirt. Mind, it was around 8. Now it’s midnight, and I have an absolutely fab-u-lous new skirt.

And it’s a JEAN SKIRT.

A few days ago, I was hanging out with a friend I haven’t seen for a while. This is someone I worked with in the costume shop, and she’s been doing a lot of crafty things this summer. When I was with her, she was wearing this amazing jean skirt that she’d made out of a pair of “laundry day” pants. These had got too hole-y, and so she made a floor-length skirt out of them.

That got me thinking.

I had this pair of jeans that I’d worn during some construction-type jobs (specifically, during a spring break trip to New Orleans to help rebuild), and they were far too ripped up in the tail to wear. But they are super comfortable around the waist, and I wear them almost every time I have to do laundry at my parent’s house.

Last winter break, I was sewing a skirt for myself when my mom discovered some really groovy vintage fabric. I immediately claimed it, and have been pondering what to do with it ever since.

Eureka! Solution to both issues! FanTAstic new skirt!

Thus far, I absolutely love it, and can not wait to go out in it tomorrow.

I’ll have to post pictures later because, my camera is being rather stupid, and my computer isn’t finding the pictures on it. But I do have photographic evidence! That is a post for tomorrow!


As a side note, it is freezing right now in MN. It has not spiked above 70 F all day today. And I didn’t have a sweatshirt for rather too much of that! Brr!


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