Holy semester batman!

This was my first week of classes. Of course, that means there is an obligatory blog post about my new life during-semester.

It’s not looking pretty, folks.

I completely underestimated the amount of work I would have to do for my classes. I will have at least 300 pages of reading for class a week. And that’s if I’m lucky. I should be finishing a novel a week on top of that. My first 20 page paper is due before Thanksgiving, and then after Thanksgiving we’re turning the paper into a website.

Great experience. Really glad I’ll be doing it. But I had intended for this semester to be a bit more relaxed … apparently not.

And, after some serious meditation on my schoolwork, I have determined that it would be dumb to drop my English major down to a minor. I am three classes away from a major, and they’re fun classes for me – much less emotionally draining than my Social Justice classes can be. Which means that, if I’m going to study abroad, and not have to spend too much more time here at Hamline, I need to take four classes this semester.

Which means keeping Marcela’s class.

Which is basically shooting myself in the foot.

Marcela is the professor that will rip you apart. She’s harsh, amazing, and will teach me a lot. The class is on Renaissance Drama, and so far I’m not really seeing much of any Shakespeare on the reading list. Kind of refreshing. Instead, we’re reading some Marlowe, and a lot of very-little-known playwrights.

Also: she’s so awesome that I would get to go to the RenFest for class!

Sticking with this class, even though it’ll kick my ass.

This is another class that will hurt. A lot. I already have 100 pages of reading for it this weekend, but at least it’s interesting. It’s called “From Development to Globalization.” Right now we’re reading about the sugar industry, and how that affected development schemes and socially injust development. Fascinating. Dense and a lot.

And then there’s the 21st Century Novel. Words can hardly express how happy this class makes me. You mean I get to read amazing novels for school? Like, novels I should have been reading in the first place? Whaaat?

The one I’m reading right now is fantastic, and quickly becoming one of my favorite books. I will write a full review of it when I’m done reading.

The best thing about this class? It’s making me want to write my novel. This is a good change! My novel needs to be written!

And then I have a science class. Which is definitely my easiest class this semester. At least it’s Conservation Biology, which I find to be pretty interesting. And applicable to my life as an environmentalist.

Moral of this blog-post: You may not be hearing as much from me. Really, it’ll probably mean that this blog will be updated about as frequently as it was over the summer (which wasn’t that much, compared to the last three weeks.) There will also be fewer posts about the progress of my sewing/knitting projects. I will still be sewing and knitting, it will just have to be on the very, very back burner.


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