My First Ever Hangar Dance!

Hello there! This is me trying to be excitable – I’m actually quite exhausted right now. But this post needs to happen! So it will!

Saturday night was my first ever, fabulous, vintage hangar dance!

It’s really quite a cool event in the swing dance world. It’s a chance for everyone to get all gussied up, strut their stuff in authentic 40s vintage, and dance the night away. As the title would suggest, the dance is at an old hangar where they still keep some planes that were used in WWII. At this particular dance, they also had a dress contest – so prizes were given out for the best WWII Citizen dress (male and female), and Best Uniform (male and female, any war).

Seeing all the vintage was great – especially as someone who sews, and is fascinated by nostalgia.

Of course, being the classy lady that I am, I had some vintage of my own to strut around in. I don’t really have a good picture of the outfit, but here are some pictures that another person took of that night:

Group Hangar

Fabulous Friends!

I'm the one in Navy

I'm the one in Navy

Pictures taken by a friend of mine, and I think the group one was taken by someone at the hangar dance who was kind enough to volunteer. Apologies for the darkness! It was night, after all.

There will be another Hangar Dance in the spring, and I’ll have to be sure my camera is charged and has battery – that was the problem with this night.


This has been one hell of a week.

Had to finish a draft of a Letter of Inquiry for today. I’ve got some more edits I need to write in, but other than that I think I’m pretty set. Then I’ll send it out to some more people to proof, and send it in.

Ahhh! Scary!

Had a ton of homework between Tuesday and today, and basically spent every spare minute working. Finally finished it. This weekend I have around 500 pages to read, so I really should get on that, but I couldn’t take any more brain thought power today. (As clearly evidenced by “brain … thought … power … today)

I have soooo many posts I want to make right now about various things from my classes, but I just don’t have the energy to. Maybe tomorrow I’ll pull something together in that manner.

I also don’t think I’m going dancing tonight; just far too exhausted, and should probably get an early night in. Tomorrow is an early harvest with SPROUT, 21st Century Novel, and then a quiet day of homework. Perhaps a really chill gathering tomorrow night, or just a night in with a good book. Or knitting and a movie. I am SUCH an old woman.

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