Thursday Next Wrap

Hello, readers!

I have a MASSIVE project post. Garment: Thursday Next Wrap. It is so dubbed because it’s a garment so versatile that I can wear it from one Thursday to the next and look different every day. The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next novels) have also been at the top of my reading list for years, and I haven’t got around to them.

The idea for this wrap came from the cardi-wraps that have been so popular the last two years. I’ve wanted one since before they were in stores, but have not shelled out the cash to get one. So, I made a mock-up pattern and tried my hand at making one from scratch. And this is the result!

035This beautiful wrap can be worn so many ways I haven’t even found them all yet. Here are some of my best pictures from the photoshoot today:

one of my favorite ways to wear it

one of my favorite ways to wear it


if you can't tell, it's upside-down

if you can't tell, it's upside-down

And there is certainly more where that came from. Almost anything (aside from the upside-down wrap) can become a dress, or a shirt. That was the great fortune of having bought too much fabric.


On a different note, sorry for the lack of posts this month. My life has been really intense, and I haven’t been able to justify spending a lot of time posting here.

I’ve been working on three major projects, all of which are consuming a lot of time. Project 1: Schooooooool. This semester is really intense, and I’ve been struggling to stay ahead of the game. Project 2: Grand Aspirations. Have been putting together a workshop for next weekend, and will have to give it myself. Project 3: Costume Shop Sale. This has really only been about 12 hours a week, but when you add that to these other two projects, it’s quite the workload.

I know I really need to slow down. Know how I know? I hadn’t hung out with friends (other than Chelsea) for the entire month of October until last weekend. … GUH. After the workshop is done, my work load should lighten, though school will start getting more and more intense until finals. My peace of mind is definitely suffering. This past week has been incredibly up and down, feel a little like I’m turning inside out. At least tonight my homework is to read. Read, read, read some novels. I should have about 400 pages of reading done by the end of tonight if I’m going to get ahead on work before the weekend. *dies*

I’m already looking forward to winter break. I’m actually going to take J-Term off this year, and have time to relax and recouperate from the madness that is the last six months of my life. Hopefully, I’ll get some time to just do what I want to for a change. Lord knows I need it.

Okay, can’t justify spending any more time on the computer right now. Need to end this post. Hopefully I’ll have more to talk about later.


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