Brief Surfacing of the Finals-Ridden College Student

Oscillating wildly these days between really content and zen, and then suddenly freaking out and everything being wrong. My moods are swinging so hard I’ve got emotional whiplash.

I blame finals. Holidays can’t come soon enough.

Things I have to do before the semester ends:

1. Give a presentation on my paper for Renaissance Drama.

2. Finish writing my paper for Renaissance Drama (10-12 pages)

3. Write my paper for 21st Century Novel (haven’t even finished the research for it yet … ugh, 10-12 pages)

4. Finish writing/editing my paper for Development to Globalization. (15-20 pages)

5. Turn paper for Devglob into website.

6. Study and take final for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology.

7. Class participation evaluation (I feel almost certain that I will forget to do this)

… that’s a shorter list than I thought it would be. Awesome!

Only problem is that it’s full of things that are kind of large … damn. Oh well. I will get it all done; I always do. The papers are all due a week from tomorrow, the final is on Wednesday.

There are also some personal life things that I need to take care of before I can go home for the holidays. Aiming to leave the cities a week from Saturday, and will get a little over a week with my parents. I think a lot of sleeping and yoga will be involved. I’ll also probably help my dad out at the place in the country for a while (working off some debt …).

Stressed about money these days, particularly feeling guilty about not being financially independent, and wanting to take the load off of my parents a little bit. Also on a really strict budget, and sticking to it, but that means it’s kind of hard to have a social life that doesn’t involve watching a lot of movies that I already own or on my Netflix streaming, knitting, and cooking.

Not that those things aren’t desirable, it’s just that … yeah, I can’t see concerts, go to a movie, or eat out more than twice a week. (this wouldn’t be a problem if so many things with friends didn’t involve food …) I’ve discovered that most of the time, eating out averages about $10. Murrrrrr. Problem.

Exhausted now. Bedtime.


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