Updated To-Do List, or, the semester ends in two days!

1. Give a presentation on my paper for Renaissance Drama.
2. Finish writing my paper for Renaissance Drama (10-12 pages)
3. Write my paper for 21st Century Novel (haven’t even finished the research for it yet … ugh, 10-12 pages)

4. Finish writing/editing my paper for Development to Globalization. (15-20 pages)
5. Turn paper for Devglob into website.
6. Study and take final for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology.
7. Class participation evaluation (I feel almost certain that I will forget to do this)
8. Edit paper for 21st Century Novel
9. Edit paper for Renaissance Drama

All the papers/website are due tomorrow.

I can’t believe the semester is done. It felt like it went by so fast! There’s this weird end-of-semester vortex that I’m currently in, where so much has happened in such a short amount of time that I feel like each wek is worth two, but at the same time I was so busy throughout all of it that it just went by like a lightning flash.

This has been such a difficult semester. I’m really hoping that next semester isn’t as hectic. No matter how much of a workaholic I am, I do like to take a deep breath every once in a while. J-Term will be a nice change of pace; I always like shifting gears away from having four classes to having just the one that I can focus on. And my class this J-Term will be fantastic – Urban Redevelopment with Earl. Wonderful man, fascinating topic.

That’s really all there is to say these days; the end of the semester is pretty all-consuming.

Oh, hold the phone!

I went to a rockin’ concert Saturday night. El Guante, a local rapper, is putting out a new album in collaboration with Big Cats, and Saturday was the release party. There were four other local hip-hop groups that went before him, which were all absolutely fantastic. I’d never been to a hip-hop concert before, and this was a really great one to start with, because I got to see the performance styles of several different groups.

The other really cool thing about the setting was its intimacy. There wasn’t really a lot of space to move around, but it was very easy to get right up next to the stage. For the majority of the performances, I was within four feet of the stage.

And now I have a couple of bright, shiny new hip-hop albums to rock out to. (They make even the most dull of homework assignments epic.)

I might post a video of the concert, once Guante has put some up on his website. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Last week was a bad week for food. I didn’t really go grocery shopping; the only thing I bought at a grocery store was creamer for my coffee. Not to worry! It’s not like I just didn’t eat! I ordered out a lot of food, and then had leftovers to carry me through. In fact, I’ve still got some leftovers from Friday that I could be eating.

With my leftover money from last week, I’m spending a bit more money on groceries this week. Buying mostly stock stuff that’s easy to make and doesn’t go bad quickly, like pastas and (organic) TV Dinners, as I will be leaving for a little over a week with the family. May be leaving on Saturday, may be leaving Friday night, I haven’t really decided yet.

Anyway, that’s the food situation for now. And then next week, I won’t have to buy groceries, because I’ll be at home! Yay!

Today is my really big workday, so I should get back to it.


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