Solstice Joy part 1

Well, I’ve finally landed at home. There was a bit of an adventure at my parents’ country house: in the two weeks that they’ve been gone, it has become mouse-ridden and our water froze. Not so awesome.

And then we came back to my childhood home, which was a really good place to land. I’ve been in limbo since Wednesday, so I as desperately needing a home base.

I’ve been thinking a lot about rather depressing topics lately, and as it’s a holiday season, I figure I really need to stop that nonsense. Today is the winter solstice; I’m supposed to take my mind OFF things like that today. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for the solstice. It’s today, so I should come up with something. I’m thinking I’ll do some sort of vigil, meditation, baking, coffee, something to make me stay up late. If I don’t stay up through the night, I’ll probably get up really early to watch the sunrise.

One traditional thing to do on the solstice is just to craft. Which means I’ll probably spend most of the night knitting presents for people.

Mom and I are making a solstice dinner tonight as well – probably something Scandinavian, as we are very Norweigian. Recipes for that to come.

We’re also going shopping today for Christmas presents. I’ve run out of time to knit the things I was going to, so I have to find some presents for some of the people on my list.

In other knitting news, I’ve determined that there are some things I really, really need this winter that I could knit for myself.

1. A Scarf (or two)

Based on the scarves worn by some trolls in a Norwegian Children's Book.

Ravelry link to this scarf here.

This is a good, plain old warm scarf.

Ravelry link for this pattern here.

2. Hand/Armwarmers!

Ravelry has some really beautiful armwarmers, and I could definitely use them. I mean, I’ve finished weatherizing my room (finally), so hopefully it will be a little warmer than it usually is, but I could still use some hand/arm warmers to bundle up in.

Red Right Hand

These are pretty simple, and within my level of talent with knitting. But here are some other armwarmers I’d like to make as I get better at knitting:

Aran Gauntlets

Lyra's Wristwarmers - Gorgeous, but I'm a little scared of colorplay

Nereid Fingerless Gloves

All patterns can be found on ravelry, mostly free, and I’ve helpfully provided their titles.

So, clearly I just need to get a lot better at knitting to make these gorgeous wrist/hand/armwarmers.

More babble about knitting coming later. Plans for cowls and hats! It is definitely the season for knitting, that’s for sure.

I will also post a recipe for the Norwegian dinner mom and I make tonight. It will be wonderful.

(Yes, being on break means that I post here more often. What of it?)


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