Shiny Decisions, and a little bit of real life

My life is kind of exciting.

Because I’m studying abroad (hopefully India, pretty sure India pretty please?), I’ve decided that I should look critically at my technology. As of right now, I have a Toshiba laptop that runs just fine, but has a 17″ screen. Yeah, 17″. It weighs over 7 pounds by itself, no cords or books combined with that. This has been good, for the last three years. The large screen was nice for watching movies. However, it’s really, really not easily transported.

So I’m looking at replacing it with a much smaller, lighter version. I’d also like a webcam, and most computers come with them now. I would not get a mac (far too expensive), and I’m debating whether I should get it used or not. Because you can buy used computers, and they are significantly less expensive than new ones, but I’m not sure how reliable used computers are.

This might mean I need to go to a used computer shop (there are a couple in uptown) and talk to a clerk there, check out some prices. It looks like no matter what, I can get a computer for under $1,000. This is my benchmark price, as I was FINALLY reimbursed for research from last summer – $968.03 worth of reimbursement.

If I’m lucky, I could also afford an iPod. I have no mp3 player right now, and … let’s just say it’d be nice to listen to music when I’m not at home.

Especially on a 14-or-so hour plane ride. GAAAAAA MUST HAVE MUSIC FOR THAT.


My internship started yesterday. And I’ll be getting paid! I have very little clue how much, but actually having some income will be nice. Quitting my job at the costume shop was a really good plan, but not having income has been difficult/nerve-wracking. I already have some pretty serious issues with money (in that, I panic when I don’t have enough and tend to belabor any decision that would involve spending it), and so not having income has been not so awesome.

Woah … back to the internship talk. I got to look at cool old maps today! Emma and I are researching some intersections along University Ave. in St. Paul, in particular to make part of University Ave. an African-American Heritage Corridor.

Part of that is looking at old maps and looking through city directories to determine who/what businesses were in that place. Which is what I spent this morning doing. And the St. Paul Public Library downtown is SO PRETTY. Seriously. Gorgeous. It’s like the library in Beauty and the Beast! So of course I had a lot of fun.

And … classes should be interesting, at least. This semester looks both very full, and not very full … I’ve decided that there’s absolutely no way for me to gauge whether my semesters will be intense or not. I mean, I thought last semester would be easy-peasy, and look where that brought me. But this semester I have weekends “off,” which is nice. Hopefully I’ll be able to get most of my homework for the week done over the weekend, and then just brush up on it during the week. Methinks that should be my strategy.

Anyway, I’ve got to get off to my first day of classes! Hopefully blog posts will come more often from here on out.


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