Bloggin’ away, but nothing personal! What’s up with that?

This week is blessedly less busy than last week was. Granted, I’m still really busy with everything that’s going on, but it feels like a much more positive kind of busy.

A couple of really exciting things have been going down in my activist life! The first being that Grand Aspirations now has a new logo!

This is one of those moments when I get ridiculously proud of myself. Seriously? At 21 years of age I facilitated the graphic design process for a national non-profit and am in the throes of implementing the changes. I’m personally very happy with the logo. You can’t please everyone, but it’s a vast improvement on our old logo – which was done in microsoft paint in 2008 because “Oh shit guys! We really need a logo!”

That was a five-month process. The color changes should be pretty quick after this – I just have to get a workable file from our graphic designer, and the webmaster is all ready to do his magic.

Other really exciting thing: This week marks the official national launch of Summer of Solutions 2010! For me in media, this means that every week I will be featuring 1-2 different local programs in the hopes of gaining applicants for them. In other words: Every week, I get to interview amazing people around the country doing work that I’m passionate about, and help them get media attention. I’ll probably spam y’all with the posts, just because I’m really frickin’ proud of these posts.

The really exciting news? Within 24 hours of that first post about Twin Cities Summer of Solutions at both Solutionaries and It’s Getting Hot in Here, the story was picked up in some amazing places, like The Huffington Post, USA Today’s websiteWiretap MagazineTreehugger, and Tweetmeme.

The Huffington Post article is really cool – they’re featuring other programs that are designed to build youth momentum and train entrepreneurs, and the reference to us is really nice. They link directly to our website, where people can go to apply for different SoS programs. I don’t know how many people will reach that corner of USA Today’s website, but … it’s frickin’ USA Today, so I’m still happy. That’s definitely diversifying our audience.

Get this: None of these media hits were facilitated by me/the media team. It just happened intuitively. Now, let’s see what I can do to keep this momentum going. If people are hunting for our story, we’ve got to find a way to use that.

General feeling of the moment: Ridiculously qualified for any media job in the non-profit sector, without any formal training. Who’s going to get paid someday to do something she loves? OH THAT GIRL WOULD BE ME!

That’s most of the big news from this end. I think I’ve got my living situations for summer/post-India worked out (still, weirdly enough, working on the summer part), which feels nice.

But I’ve gotta run off to class – just thought I should send a quick update about life. I love you all, and I will be BACK more often with updates.


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