Life spaces, living places

My life has been a lot of work lately, as it usually is. The past two days have been cloudy, which is actually a relief. I’ve been feeling more contemplative/introverted lately, and the bright winter/spring sun has been piercing my mind.

One key thing has fallen into place: I know where I’ll be living this summer, and then on the flip side of India!

This summer, I will be living in an apartment in Northeast Minneapolis. I looked at a lot of places, and the roommates there seemed the most compatible with me. The person I’m subletting for said they were actually excited about me moving in (but not about her moving out), and so perhaps I’ll be able to make some cool new friends? I sincerely hope so.

On the other side of India, I’ll be able to move into a friend’s apartment in Dinkytown. She wanted to get people together to sign a lease at the place she currently lives, and one of her friends is studying abroad in the spring, and since I’m studying abroad in the fall, we’re just switching. It should be a good situation – the house itself is really cool, and I like my friend a lot, so hey! Good deal!

I’ve met a couple of the other girls I’d be living with (and the one whose room I’d be staying in), and they seem really fun. I’m looking forward to getting to know them. 


I’ve just been questioning myself about what happens after school a lot. I tend to think very far in advance, thus why I’m already thinking about where I want to move. I’m worried about money, because I know that it will take a lot of money to move, and I know that I want to move out of the Midwest. But I don’t want to move somewhere because I have a romantic vision of what that place is – I want to move there because it’s right for me.

Then again, I don’t know how I would ever choose a new place to live without having a vision of it. Perhaps it’s choosing the place to live, but knowing that my expectations are really different from what the reality of the place is? I’m not sure. That’s the attitude I’m adopting about India right now, so perhaps that also applies to moving to a new city.

Other big question: Does the move come first, or the job?

This is a bridge I will cross when I get there.

I also really, really want to go on some sort of cross-country bike tour. I’m not sure what form that will take – it could be a tour connecting a couple of Summer of Solutions programs, or it could just be me biking with my dad, (mom driving). I don’t know how much money that would cost, but that combined with moving somewhere else … and I may not have much time to save up, post-India.

I will also really need to train/get physically fit before that happens.

But these options are all over a year from now. Granted, the time will fly by really quickly, but I can really just chill on all of this stuff for now.

There will be another post coming in the near future – I’m really interested in getting into running! But who knows if that will actually happen.

Off to class now, two night classes tonight. Ugh.


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