This post is the rainy-day coffee shop of my thoughts

As you’ll see, I have a SHINY new layout! This feels much more “me,” and it’s also much cooler. Yay!

It’s been a really crazy week. Though, I guess that almost all of my weeks have been really long lately. Tomorrow and Sunday morning I’ll be attending the Midwest Real Food Summit, which I’m pretty excited about. Two days of hanging out with amazing people who are passionate about food justice? Yes, please.

In other news, I’ve really got into Amanda Palmer in a big way this week. It could be the lovely, rainy-misty-foggy weather we’ve been having, but there’s just something about her music that is so wonderful and fulfilling at the moment.

Here’s an amazing video of “Ampersand:”

… aaaaand a funny video (that’s Neil Gaiman you see in the background):

And from here on out, this post turned into some musing over the work I’m doing for Grand Aspirations, and life post-Grand Aspirations.

In general I’ve  been feeling like I’ve tackled too much. Whenever I feel like this, I question whether I’m really cut out for activism full-time. Then I realize that activism full-time, outside of school, would be very different from activism while I’m in school. Much less attempting to balance 10,000 things. Only trying to balance 1,000.

I’m bad at math. Don’t trust those ratios.

But seriously – I’m really looking forward to a time in my life when I’m not in school, and I can focus on social change-work full-time. I don’t know where that will be, or when. But it will happen, I swear!

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the scale at which I’m working. Hearing about all of the exciting solutions that are happening around the country, and connecting them in the blog series over at Solutionaries, is incredibly inspiring. I just wish that I was the person pulling together programs, footing it in my community to make solutions happen.

But at the same time, reporting work is terribly important. Without telling the story of what’s happening, it can’t be replicated and expand. I mean, people in the organization talk about the work that they’re doing, but mass communication is really important.

Which leads me to wonder if I want to pursue a life in journalism. I mean, I’m having fun interviewing people, but there’s a lot of pressure to get the posts just right. I have been struggling with issues of representation lately, and … well, it’s a lot of pressure. And I’m starting to realize that I’m not the best writer when it comes to the journalistic style.

But that’s a learned skill. I learned how to write a damn good academic essay, I can learn how to write a good newspaper article.

Sierra Magazine has internships for graduates/college-aged people, as does NPR. After I graduate, I could try to get an internship there and see if I like it. If I do, I would have to get a master’s degree in journalism to be hired anywhere. It’s a REALLY cut-throat career path.

I guess that journalism is something that I’ve always wanted to explore. After the experience that I’ve gained with Grand Aspirations (while I haven’t exactly been trained to do what I’m doing), I have a pretty badass resume.

It’s funny, how when I don’t really have much time to think, moving rapidly from task to task, working 70+ hours a week (if you count school as “work”), I’m so focused on the future, and not on the now.

Hm. It’s almost 11, and I have a summit to be at tomorrow at 8 am. I should probably sleep now.

Thanks for reading my late-night thoughts. I feel like quite a lot is a-brewin’ right now, I’m just on the verge of something …

This is Abbie, signing off for the night.


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