Traveling to India!

Wow, I don’t even really know how to begin this post. After three and a half years of dreaming about where I’ll study abroad, after many, many changes of mind, I finally know exactly where I’ll go and when.

Next semester, I will be studying Sustainable Development in Jaipur, India.

Wow. Wow.

I feel completely speechless. This has become real.

It’s not some sort of far-off dream anymore. I will be in India by August 29th.

Now I have to start preparing. The list of things that I need to do is a mile long. I need to organize my confirmation materials, my student visa, my immunizations (I need to get lots of them – it’s India we’re talking about), and I already have assignments for before I get on the plane.

SIT wants me to know the Devanagari script before I get on the plane.

Apparently, our Hindi classes will be purely in Devanagari. Which means that I have to know the script for it before I get off the plane. A friend has already offered to study with me this summer (she’s a linguistics major), and I am so appreciative of that.

I’m also really excited about learning Hindi. It’s a cool language, and Devanagari is beautiful.

Because I’m doing my honor’s thesis there, I need to really start hitting the books ASAP, so my proposal in May can be awesome.

But for now, I have celebratory Mad Men, cookies, and popcorn. It’s been a hell of a two weeks, and I need to kick back and relax a bit.

OH! And my collaborative research proposal for this coming summer is almost complete! I’m *this close* to researching Arthur for the summer. This is an idea that’s been brewing for three years, I can only hope it comes to fruition.

That is all for now! One more week and then blessed spring break. It’s much needed at this point.


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