Forecast for this summer: artistic with showers of hipster

This was written on Monday, but I haven’t posted it yet because I wanted to put up some pictures of the new place. Unfortunately, it would appear I have a defective camera battery (why does all my technology fail right when I have to spend money on things? Dammit), so it will just have to go up sans pictures.

Hello from the other side of finals! I’ve emerged, blinking, into the sunlight that is summer.

I’m also living in a new apartment – which is gorgeous! Due to finishing up finals, it took me until yesterday to really get my room in order. My food is still sort of hopelessly piled everywhere, and my cooking utensils and plates and stuff remain in their moving boxes. That will most likely be changing tomorrow.

And it’s c-UTE!

I’m living with 4 other people, one is a subletter just for now until June, one is moving out tomorrow (a subletter moving in later), and one of them has been living here the whole year and will continue to throughout the summer. I haven’t met my other house-mate, who went home for the weekend (week? not sure).

It’s in the arts quarter, which so far seems like it will be pretty rad. Moved in Friday, and there was almost immediately an art festival. This would have been extremely cool had I not been finishing up finals – AND I would have been able to get a $10 haircut in a parking lot – but I did get to go out there and see some art from local vendors in between working on finishing up various projects.

And! I bought a really cool necklace!

That’s a really bad picture, but you can sort of see it – it’s a map of India! Now, when people ask me where in India I will be, I can just point to it on my necklace. In reality, I bought it cause it was cool.

So far I really like the roommates. And I live in the attic room, so if anything gets too weird, it will be pretty easy to ignore them. But all in all, I have really good feelings about this place.

Other important thing: I AM NOW DONE WITH THE SCHOOL YEAR!!!

Everything got turned in yesterday – so I’m free! I turned in my final for my Race class (which meant finishing the essays), my event reviews for the same class, paperwork for the collaborative research program, met with my professor, and … my senior paper.

That was 27 pages of wow. Seriously, I can’t believe I did it. I mean, to a certain extent I can (since I am a huge nerd), but it’s still pretty intense. To top it all off, I’m pretty proud of it.

I think that tomorrow I’ll excerpt the piece here, make it more blog-friendly, and put it together with some pictures. That way you all can see what it is I’ve been working on for three months.

The only other class-related things I have to do are turn in my library books and go out for drinks/appetizers with my senior seminar class and professor. On a side note, I love this professor. He gives very constructive feedback about career stuff, grad school, and generally does a really good job intercepting questions about Life After Undergrad. He’s also generally a very cool guy, and researches the kinds of things that I would do if I went to grad school for English.

I’ve got about three more blog posts that I’ve been meaning to write/get up here, so I’ll be posting much more over the next couple of days/the week after next. Topics include: Feminism and Fakers, Epic Bike Trip with Dad, and Whether or Not I Should Go Vegetarian Again. But first I want to get in some research, and tonight I have a date with my book. Ta!


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