Real Life Update

Today is going to be such a marathon! I’m trying to get in nine hours of research (done six already this morning, three in the afternoon), because I need to make up some hours for not being able to do them on Saturday.

My mom is coming to visit, which will be fun! We’re going to the Farmer’s Market, then probably grab some lunch, then take a bus trip somewhere (potentially Harriet Island), and then out for Indian Food for dinner! It is quite exciting! But that means that I won’t be able to get in my usual six hours of research on Saturday, thus I need to make up the hours in the next two days.

Contrary to how I was feeling about research during yesterday’s panic attack, it went very well this morning. I have FINALLY outlined an actual argument (after about 17 pages of brainstorming, might I add … good lord), and am just going to keep writing. I also started to read (again, finally) Edward Said’s “Culture and Imperialism.” Remind me again why I haven’t read Said before now? Oh, that’s right: for no good reason.

You know you should be a professor when: You pick up a book of theory, and decide that while you are reading it for a purpose, it is in fact a good bedside book.

Yes, my nerd has reached that level.

In other news, I’ve been dieting again! There aren’t really rules to the diet, and I think that’s why it’s working. Every meal/snack, I am just making the conscious decision to eat things that will make me feel good. As much as pie might taste good, I will feel guilty for HOURS. So I’m cutting back on the guilt by not doing things that make me feel guilty. Make sense? I think so. I’ve also been keeping a food journal, to look more critically about what I’ve been eating and hopefully keep myself accountable. It’s been working thus far.

I have also finally mastered the art of Thai peanut pasta. Found a new recipe, and it was delicious. AND I have leftovers that I can eat for dinner. I really like cooking kind of complicated food, and especially love it when I make something that I realize I would pay $10 in a restaurant to eat.

I’ve also been exercising fairly frequently. A friend recently suggested that I break up research every once in a while with something like sit-ups or push-ups. Something that will get the blood flowing again. I’ve been kind of incorporating that into the research routine, but haven’t been doing as well.

I did, however, discover that there’s a yoga studio blocks from where I live. It’s really good, and is actually exercise. I am sore today (in a very good way) from yoga on Tuesday. AND it’s a “suggested donation” of $8 per lesson. So that’s been awesome. I’m finding that I really, really like the post-heavy-exercise feeling. Not so much while I’m doing it, but I like the aftereffects.

Tonight I’m going to Baha’i services tonight, and so I think that my next post will probably be about spirituality and exploration and such.


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