Morning Coffee and Picture Post

Sunday, my friend Emma texted me at 3 in the morning asking if I wanted to go to Duluth with her and Lance for the day. I thought about it, and I knew that I really should have been doing research, but I also felt like I just needed to go.

And so I did!

It was absolutely beautiful. I love Duluth, I would move there in a heartbeat. (Well, after moving out of the Midwest for a couple of years…)

Once we got there, it turned out that there was a Tall Ship Festival going on, and so it was really overrun with tourists. We walked through Duluth, went down to the beach, hung out there for a bit, and then decided to take a drive up the North Shore to find something with less people.

Emma and Lance were both really tired, so they took a nap on the pebble beach we found. I was in a contemplative mood, so I spent the time writing down some thoughts. I’ve got a new novel rattling around in my brain, and I finally felt inspired enough to get some plotting done. Somehow, this always happens when I visit Lake Superior. Or it could have been how inspiring this day was in particular.

Here are some more photos of the gorgeous beach we found:

I’m excited about the idea of this new novel. Since returning home, I’ve entered into pseudo-research mode on it. Thankfully, I feel like there is a lot of research necessary, but that it’s all stuff I am sort of naturally interested in already.

In other news, research is almost over. Just a few more revisions of my essay, cleaning up the footnotes, and sending it in on Friday. I’m antsy to move back home, and might even move most of my things this weekend. I’ve begun packing, and unless my brother flies in, I’ll be moving out on Saturday. This is mostly because I feel like I need help preparing for India – some stuff has come up with flights, financial aid, and my pre-program assignment that are just too stressful to deal with alone. I’ll run back into the cities a couple more times, to see some friends and say good-bye, but I feel the need to be home and spend time with the family.

To see all the pictures of the Duluth trip, go to my flickr account at


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