Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Well, I’m home.

That was a crazy whirlwind the likes of which I’ve never moved in before. First I thought it would be the 15th. Then I realized just how much crap I need to get done for studying abroad, and was so incredibly stressed that I knew I had to leave early. And so I tried to balance seeing friends around the move, and that wasn’t working (everyone is running around right now). So I decided to move on Monday, but then the weather intervened (crazy storms and I had no way of covering my furniture), so I ended up moving on Sunday.

The past two days (three days?!) has just been a blur of details.

Monday was unpacking, setting appointments, and other things of that nature.

Yesterday was a blur of doctor’s appointments, the optometrist for sunglasses, the post office to change my address and send in an exchange, and the pharmacist to pick up various prescriptions.

And today … sorting through boxes, malaria pill crises, learning devanagari (Hindi alphabet), and required reading for India.

And that is how I have not been able to sit down and blog about my exploits.

Lots and lots of details. My brain feels a little clogged, but yoga in the morning has been helpful. I also feel all clogged in the head because it’s such a period of transition. I’ve been saying this all summer, but really – this is all just preparation.

Other things that are happening:

*Brother is flying in early tomorrow morning. Haven’t seen him in three years – and my nephew, Ethan, will be with him.
*Novel plotting on hold for the current storm
*Pizza Luce Block Party on Saturday!
*Hindi is hard, but fulfilling.

17 days to crazy India flight!


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