Lists are not nostalgic

I wish I was feeling a bit more nostalgic at leaving Inida, but honestly I’m just so ready to be home at this point that I can’t manage the energy to be sad at leaving. My flight takes off at midnight tonight, and I will be back in the US at 5 am on Monday. I don’t really have much to do before then – I’m going to get some henna done at a beauty salon, buy a couple of last minute presents, and pack. My mind is only about 1/4 in India, the rest is at home, and I can’t seem to pull myself into the present. In limbo, completely.

Because I’m in such a strange state of mind, I can’t do an actual reflective post, but I thought this day should be comemorated with some kind of blog post. Thus, lists!

Things I will miss about India:

1. Seeing my SIT friends. Seriously, y’all are amazing
2. Food
3. Colors
4. Inexpensive living
5. Friendly people
6. Ridiculous Bollywood Antics
7. Indian archetecture/arts
8. Hilarious miscommunications
9. Indian clothing
10. Obvious presence of religious diversity

Things I will NOT miss about India:

1. Catcalls/staring/Eve-teasing
2. Digestive problems/constant illness
3. Infuriating scams
4. People (read: men) assuming I am stupid and/or a clone of Paris Hilton
5. Frustrating communication problems
6. Technological difficulties
7. Beggars
8. Constant exhaustion/culture shock
9. Extremely poor air quality
10. The prevalence of chewing tobacco/disgusting spitting noises at all hours of the day/night

India casualty list:

1. Backpack (for backpacking/traveling)
2. Cell phone
3. Computer
4. My digestive system
5. 4 pairs of pants and a skirt
6. My iPod

Things I am excited to do when I get home:

1. Hot shower
2. See friends/family
3. Eat delicious American food
4. Get a computer/fix iPod
6. Get a haircut
7. Go to the doctor

That’s all – my internet time is up. See you all state-side!


2 thoughts on “Lists are not nostalgic

  1. Hooray for the safe return of Abbie, boo for the casualty list. And the cat-calling. Seriously, that’s lame. I can’t wait for people to think people in my group are “easy” because we’re from the U.S.

    • I didn’t get much of the cat-calling until Delhi, but there it was plain awful. It only really happened when I was alone, so hopefully you won’t have too many problems. Also: Taiwan might be entirely different/not as chauvinistic.

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