Aal Izz Well …



I just realized that I haven’t posted here since my return. I’m already exhausted of talking about India to random people from church that I barely remember, but other than that, I feel somewhat well-adjusted. I think it helps that it’s the holiday season, so things are normally like this and it’s something I look forward to every year.

Christmas is Christmas. My family doesn’t do anything too terribly fancy, and that’s ok. I’d much rather just see friends and family, and have a relaxed time at home. But I do very much feel like I missed ALL of the Christmas build-up this year. So I plan on watching all of the Christmas movies in sight today, and I downloaded the Elf soundtrack, so now I actually have Christmas music. A little late, I’m aware, but … why not?

In other Christmas news: Hyperbole and a Half is a HILARIOUS blog, and her Christmas post is just as epic. PLEASE read this if you want a good laugh. The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas.

Gifts are especially fun this year. I’m loving seeing everyone’s faces when they open the presents. My own loot was mostly having to do with bicycles/bike touring and hiking, which is AMAZING. I’m really excited for all of the adventures I’m planning for this summer.

I’m going a little project crazy. There will probably be a post in more detail about projects tomorrow, but I really want to get going on things.

First, because I forgot to post pictures of this when I finished it back in August, my Urban Hike hat!

It’s a slouchy beret, with a cable stitch around the brim.

I’m not sure if I want to keep it or give it to someone, but the more I wear it the more attached to it I’m becoming. So perhaps I’ll just keep it? Who knows. But I’m somewhat proud of it – it’s lookin’ good.

I’m plotting a few too many other projects at the moment.

First of all: I don’t have gloves. This is rapidly becoming a problem. So I’m planning on knitting a pair of fingerless mitts with a flap so they can become actual mittens. Hopefully they’ll be a pretty quick project, because it’s COLD and mittens are SORELY NEEDED.

But other projects, including the shawl I’m making for John, need to be sped through. John’s shawl is just getting to the point where the rows are really long, so it’s taking longer and longer to make progress. That is, unfortunately, just how shawls work. Even more reason to have a holiday movie binge today. And perhaps some more Buffy marathons … it’s gonna be A WHILE before it’s done.

At the same time, I’m getting excited about some sewing projects. For instance, remember this skirt? Well, it’s falling apart, which is really sad because it’s my favorite skirt. So I’m going to take another old pair of jeans and sew another one, with better construction and more reinforced seams. I guess the problem isn’t so much the seams themselves, but that the jean material is so old and beat up that it keeps splitting.

So I’m gonna start all over, re-work the design a bit, and hopefully have an amazing skirt for years to come.

Hoping all of you are having a great holiday, and wishing you many a merry return of the new year!



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