You have found the blog of Abbie Plouff, aspiring author, activist and proud Minnesotan.

Abbie has been working on a novel for several years. She has recently applied for graduate school, and hopes to finish the manuscript before beginning her studies. The novel is a speculative fiction, based in northern Minnesota 50 years in the future. It involves climate change and monsters.

She grew up in rural Wisconsin in a small college town. Always an avid traveler, she reigned in her original collegiate aspirations from Aberdeen University to a little closer to home: Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. Abbie was unable to decide whether to follow her passion for English Literature or Social Justice, so she chose to double major.

Abbie cut her nonfiction writing teeth on two independent, collaborative research projects. The first was a three month study on renewable energy production on native reservations, the second on the colonialism in the King Arthur myth. In her senior year of college, she studied abroad in India for three months. She spent a month completing a research project in rural India about environmental injustice.  Upon graduation, she collaborated with other film enthusiasts as a contributor to the blog Video Word Made Flesh.

Abbie is based in the Twin Cities and writes about film, social justice, and life as she figures it out.


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