Cool-Thing Monday!

Had a splendid day; fab time with Chelsea, which I think both of us needed.

(Every once in a while someone needs to remind me to crawl out from under my pile of work to just RELAAAAAAX and connect with humanity.)

ANYWAY, have been working arduously on a grant for Grand Aspirations, and decided I’d be done for the night. Checked up on Pomplamoose, and they have a sweet new cover!

This song is like … me being single and happy about it right now. So of course I had to share!
I like Natalie’s stone-cold face, it makes everything funny.

Or maybe that’s just because I’m not writing a grant at the moment. Will have to return to it tomorrow, though. Ugh.

Good night! Sorry for the belated post!


Cool-thing Mondays

Hey guys, check out this cool-thing!

The guy is Yuri Lane, and he has a cd out. I want to buy it so badly. This is really the kind of hip hop that I’m all about – mixing new beats in with older genres. (And I do love the blues!)

Happy Labor Day, y’all!

Cool Thing Mondays

I think it’s high time this resurfaced.

I really, really hate Twilight. It’s stupid, sexist, dangerous, and abusive. I admit, I haven’t read the books so I won’t do a huge critique of it here, but seriously, they’re awful, and make the (rather large and in charge) feminist in me cringe. A lot.

Also, this video is hilarious, and amazing editing. If the backgrounds were the same, it would be flawless. Way to go, McIntosh! For the win!

Real post coming soon, I swear.