Thriller vs. Gene Kelly’s roller blade sequence

EDIT: okay, so this post was done before I saw the full version of Thriller. Who’d have thunk it was actually something like 13 minutes long? And I have to say, I regret this ever happened. Gah! Internal blog drama! Thriller is officially more awesome when you’ve seen the full thing. Also, the link I’ve posted here doesn’t work. Unfortunately. But I don’t really feel like changing it, as I regret that this post ever happened.

Making real, good update now.

I do not mean this to be petty at all. I’m just exploring something that has me quite puzzled, and feeling the need to express it. I also recognize that Michael Jackson might be a touchy subject, given that he just died.

So, on with the post and no more apologies!

Last night, some friends of mine told me more about Michael Jackson (as all I knew about him is I loved the music video before Free Willy, his nose fell off at some point, and he was accused of molesting little boys, McCauley Caulkin in particular, and I’d seen the Thriller music video).

And they told me that “Thriller” is considered the best music video of all time.

Okay, I can agree with that – it’s super popular, and really fun to watch.

But I don’t think it’s the best choreographed dance. Seriously, people think that? Maybe it’s the best choreographed dance in a music video of that genre, but Gene Kelly tap danced on fuckin’ roller blades. Maybe they’re so different that you can’t really compare, but … I think they can. And Michael Jackson was a good dancer. I will not contest that at all. It takes some skill to do the kind of dancing that he did.

It could also be my music tastes here. I’m not big into pop (in the classic sense – I really like Alt. Pop), but I love jazz, and as hokey as old musicals are, they are what I grew up on and I love them. Plus, the dance scenes are fantastic and I can’t get enough of them.

I’ll post a couple of videos. Decide for yourself.

(the tap dancing starts around 2:20 if you want to skip the cheese-tastic song.)