Obligatory Earth Day Post + Some Extras

My Earth Day was pretty good. I don’t think we reached a lot of people with the fair, and there were only about 25 people there to see the mayor speak, but all in all, something is better than nothing.

I felt like there were definitely things we could do differently. The few people that came got educated. For SPROUT, the gardening group, it was particularly good, as people know we exist, but don’t know exactly what they’re up to/how they can help.

I guess I just wish that we’d been able to do more with it, but whatever. Everything is a learning experience, so now that one of these has gone off well, the next one can be better. And now that we’ve got all the information down, we can reuse some boards and stuff.

At least I got to sit out in the sun and write on campus with chalk. I’m sure the president hates me for it, but whatever.

I’m beginning to feel guilty about how much I like coffee. Especially to-go shit that they have in our cafeteria. They don’t even have a mug option. It’s really sickening. As soon as I move off campus, I’m sure I won’t eat there anymore, so this will no longer be (as much) of an issue. Unfortunately, the workers at one of my favorite cafes nearby mishear me too often and get me a paper/plastic to-go cup when, usually, I’m getting it “for here.”

Need to work on this.

I’m also going to stop buying new things. Gradually. I’ve pretty much given up on buying new cds (iTunes is cheaper anyway, and there isn’t that whole packaging issue.) I’ve also given up on buying new clothes. Getting sandals for the summer may be difficult (my flip flops are literally wearing through the bottoms), and those are hard to come by used. There were some gorgeous ones at a Tibetan market store, and I think buying locally-made/handcrafted shoes still counts. Yes? At least I’m not supporting some giant Corporation Machine.

It’s remarkably easy to get great clothes used, as well. I actually prefer that mode of buying clothes. Cheaper + More Unique = AWESOME.

The Henna Party is coming up on Saturday night. I’m getting excited. I had a minor freak-out about it today, but now I think I’m all right. I absolutely love doing henna, and this is just a really great opportunity to make (a little) money and do something I love.

If one thing goes wrong these days, I’m likely to spin off into a mood. It’s the high level of stress. I don’t have nearly enough free time to make up for my stress. I would love it if money would no longer be an issue for SoS, but I don’t really have the time to make that come about. Next week, I will power through the phonecalls I need to make for grassroots fundraising.

I still have hope that my adult friends will be willing to help out in any way they’re able.

It was so beautiful out today. Like it was actually summer. Some of the trees are starting to let their leaves unfurl; maybe next week we’ll have full-on leafy trees. Slowly but surely, the grass is getting greener. The daffodils have come up, which is all kinds of exciting.