What a week!

This has been a week.

Visited my parents last weekend – saw the new house in the country – and had a great time with them. Unfortunately, I got really far behind, and have been playing mad catch up all week. When you’re a full time student who has a job and is starting a non-profit, that’s not exactly easy.

Now, after having accomplished a lot of things for Grand Aspirations, I feel much better. About Wednesday and Thursday, I was really not feeling good about the amount of things I had to do for Communications/Media. Not only is this a fledgling group, but we are made up of two people (well, three, if you count Pantelis, who is only doing graphics. But we aren’t doing graphics yet.), and have a lot on our plates.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. Contacting/solidifying details to give a workshop at Northern Plains Powershift, on October 25th.

2. Contacting/solidifying details to have someone else give a workshop at the Carolinas Powershift on October 16th (as in … Friday. yeeeeaaaaaahhhh).

3. Worked out a timeline of all the things we need to do as a working group for the semester.

4. Spent three hours going over the Draper-Richards grant Letter of Inquiry. This didn’t have to be so much time, but I was just about to be done (hour and a half), when I realized I’d forgotten about a key aspect of it and needed to go back over it again.

And I’m proud to say that I was able to get most of this done! I just finished a fabulous, in-person meeting with Liz, my cohort, and we planned the workshop and have sent it to others for review. It’s looking like a pretty cool workshop – all about how to harness your personal power to help build a group. Hopefully it will be inspiring, and get people thinking. The wonderful Juliana, a friend of mine and former Midwest Region Coordinator for the Sierra Student Coalition, is going to look over the workshop and tell Liz and I what she thinks about it.

So, at the moment, all of the emails I needed to send for Grand Aspirations are sent, the workshop is planned, and I have a pretty good idea what the meeting on Wednesday will consist of. Not so sure about who will be writing the proposal for the Advisory Committee to review by Wednesday, but that will not take as long as these other tasks.

Definitely starting this week off in a good place. I feel like I know what, exactly, needs to happen for us to pull off the Carolinas Powershift on Friday.

All of this was also complicated by the fact that I was behind on my schoolwork. With the kind of classes I have this semester, that was Bad News Bears.

But I really do love my classes. Three of my classes are really reminding me why I love school, and are making me think about Grad School again. (Thinking about grad school again is a step in the right direction … sometimes …) I love Mike’s class, but wish I could hear more from the professor. It’s really a student-focused class, and I want to hear some more of his analysis.

Marcela’s class is really badass. Every class is like a mini-history lesson on Renaissance Drama, but we also have extremely in-depth theory and cultural relevance discussions. I feel like, if I were a professor, I would aspire to be like her in whatever my field was. Every class is different, and interesting.

And my Development to Globalization class is fantastic. I thought it might be emotionally draining/depressing, but instead I’m fascinated by trying to find the solutions to all of these problems. Perhaps it’s my exposure to such a positive activist community, or some sort of rediscovered naivete, but I’m inspired by this huge challenge.

Right now, I’m torn between going to grad school for English or International Studies. I love story-telling, and analyzing what stories say about culture and society, but I also feel an obligation to tackle political/international/environmental issues as a professor, and engage students in thinking in new ways. And obviously I can’t get a double PhD! That’s NEVER gonna happen.

But I’m not going to grad school right away, so I have time. I have Seattle to help me figure that one out.

Side-note: Today has been a hip-hop day. I bought Brother Ali’s new album, “Us,” and have been chewing on that. (I find it takes me a while to digest a new hip-hop album; I have to listen to it a lot on the first day of owning it.) Because of Brother Ali, I’ve also been listening to Doomtree’s “False Hopes” album today a lot. I think this whole week will be hip-hop related.

Man, I love how creative good hip-hop is.


My First Ever Hangar Dance!

Hello there! This is me trying to be excitable – I’m actually quite exhausted right now. But this post needs to happen! So it will!

Saturday night was my first ever, fabulous, vintage hangar dance!

It’s really quite a cool event in the swing dance world. It’s a chance for everyone to get all gussied up, strut their stuff in authentic 40s vintage, and dance the night away. As the title would suggest, the dance is at an old hangar where they still keep some planes that were used in WWII. At this particular dance, they also had a dress contest – so prizes were given out for the best WWII Citizen dress (male and female), and Best Uniform (male and female, any war).

Seeing all the vintage was great – especially as someone who sews, and is fascinated by nostalgia.

Of course, being the classy lady that I am, I had some vintage of my own to strut around in. I don’t really have a good picture of the outfit, but here are some pictures that another person took of that night:

Group Hangar

Fabulous Friends!

I'm the one in Navy

I'm the one in Navy

Pictures taken by a friend of mine, and I think the group one was taken by someone at the hangar dance who was kind enough to volunteer. Apologies for the darkness! It was night, after all.

There will be another Hangar Dance in the spring, and I’ll have to be sure my camera is charged and has battery – that was the problem with this night.


This has been one hell of a week.

Had to finish a draft of a Letter of Inquiry for today. I’ve got some more edits I need to write in, but other than that I think I’m pretty set. Then I’ll send it out to some more people to proof, and send it in.

Ahhh! Scary!

Had a ton of homework between Tuesday and today, and basically spent every spare minute working. Finally finished it. This weekend I have around 500 pages to read, so I really should get on that, but I couldn’t take any more brain thought power today. (As clearly evidenced by “brain … thought … power … today)

I have soooo many posts I want to make right now about various things from my classes, but I just don’t have the energy to. Maybe tomorrow I’ll pull something together in that manner.

I also don’t think I’m going dancing tonight; just far too exhausted, and should probably get an early night in. Tomorrow is an early harvest with SPROUT, 21st Century Novel, and then a quiet day of homework. Perhaps a really chill gathering tomorrow night, or just a night in with a good book. Or knitting and a movie. I am SUCH an old woman.

Cool-Thing Monday!

Had a splendid day; fab time with Chelsea, which I think both of us needed.

(Every once in a while someone needs to remind me to crawl out from under my pile of work to just RELAAAAAAX and connect with humanity.)

ANYWAY, have been working arduously on a grant for Grand Aspirations, and decided I’d be done for the night. Checked up on Pomplamoose, and they have a sweet new cover!

This song is like … me being single and happy about it right now. So of course I had to share!
I like Natalie’s stone-cold face, it makes everything funny.

Or maybe that’s just because I’m not writing a grant at the moment. Will have to return to it tomorrow, though. Ugh.

Good night! Sorry for the belated post!