This post is the rainy-day coffee shop of my thoughts

As you’ll see, I have a SHINY new layout! This feels much more “me,” and it’s also much cooler. Yay!

It’s been a really crazy week. Though, I guess that almost all of my weeks have been really long lately. Tomorrow and Sunday morning I’ll be attending the Midwest Real Food Summit, which I’m pretty excited about. Two days of hanging out with amazing people who are passionate about food justice? Yes, please.

In other news, I’ve really got into Amanda Palmer in a big way this week. It could be the lovely, rainy-misty-foggy weather we’ve been having, but there’s just something about her music that is so wonderful and fulfilling at the moment.

Here’s an amazing video of “Ampersand:”

… aaaaand a funny video (that’s Neil Gaiman you see in the background):

And from here on out, this post turned into some musing over the work I’m doing for Grand Aspirations, and life post-Grand Aspirations.

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Cool-Thing Monday!

Had a splendid day; fab time with Chelsea, which I think both of us needed.

(Every once in a while someone needs to remind me to crawl out from under my pile of work to just RELAAAAAAX and connect with humanity.)

ANYWAY, have been working arduously on a grant for Grand Aspirations, and decided I’d be done for the night. Checked up on Pomplamoose, and they have a sweet new cover!

This song is like … me being single and happy about it right now. So of course I had to share!
I like Natalie’s stone-cold face, it makes everything funny.

Or maybe that’s just because I’m not writing a grant at the moment. Will have to return to it tomorrow, though. Ugh.

Good night! Sorry for the belated post!

Cool-thing Mondays

Hey guys, check out this cool-thing!

The guy is Yuri Lane, and he has a cd out. I want to buy it so badly. This is really the kind of hip hop that I’m all about – mixing new beats in with older genres. (And I do love the blues!)

Happy Labor Day, y’all!