Announcing: The January Anthology!

It’s been a while since I posted about a creative project of mine, and this one is really exciting!

My goal for January is to write a poem a day.

The collection will have a theme, of some sort, and what is speaking to me the most these days is love and loss. Emphasis on the loss. I would like the poems, when read, to feel like an old jazz/blues song.

I started writing a bit in December (wrote two poems before the start of January), but then the GA National Leadership Gathering happened, and with it all of my mind-space for writing poetry flew out the window. (Which, incidentally, is perfectly fine, as the gathering was amazing and got me fired up about the work that I do. Wouldn’t exchange that experience for the world.)

However, it also means that I’m behind on my poetry! The anthology is officially stuck at January 5th, meaning I am nine days behind where I wanted to be. This will be a weekend of writing and reflection, which is fitting, considering the moon is new tomorrow night.


I have many other projects that I need/want to get to. I’ve been knitting the Baktus scarf of a few posts ago, and it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to wear it around!

I’ve also got a pair of bootcut cordoroy pants that I’d like to turn into a knee-length skirt. That will be the project of either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

Also, Fleur DeGuerre, one of my very favorite pin-up models, is giving away a piece of fabulous vintage re-make underwear! Check out her blog for the details: Diary of a Vintage Girl


Tomorrow I’m also going to a New Moon meditation. I feel like I definitely need it – I haven’t really been able to practice spiritual anything for a while now, and that hurts. I definitely feel the pent-up energy, like this big clog in my rationality, and I hope that starting to practice again will help me.

Have to go to class now; there will be a skirt post coming your way soon, and maybe even a poem or two!