Spinning Sickness Babble

Uuuuuuugh. Siiiiiiick.

Do you think that if I intimidate the illness away, I’ll feel extra healthy? *gnashes teeth at germs*

Knitting is awesome, fyi. I’m making a really easy sweater right now, in a beautiful colorway. It’s a deep, midnight blue, with a light, electric purple and deep sunset orange to stripe with. Beautiful! I’m using this pattern – really easy, and kind of has a punk aesthetic. I’m so excited to wear this when I’m done with it! It’ll be wonderful.

My idea behind the sweater was that it would be kind of punk, kind of writerly, and kind of witcherly. I think I will definitely achieve these things with my colors, the pattern, and the awesome.

You know what else is wonderful? Ravelry’s 2009 Dye for Glory contest. I’m just sitting here, at my computer, drooling over the different yarns. They’re all sock yarns, which is a little … eh? But sooooo pretty. Sock yarns make for really good lacy things. I may just, when I can, splurge on a couple of skeins of some of these sock yarns. Seriously, beautiful.

I really want to get more into dying my own yarn. That would be all kinds of cool. But first, I feel like I should learn how to spin. I’m really, really interested in learning how to use the drop spindle. You can spin yarn out of leftover soy biproduct (Iike, when they make tofu, there’s this weird fiber-like stuff leftover in the vats). It makes a really soft, gorgeous neutral colored yarn, and I want SO BADLY to spin some for myself! Ahh!

That’s all she wrote from this side of cyberspace. Wish me luck at the doctor tomorrow – I’m really hoping it’s not mono, but rather something else. My parents just suggested that maybe I’m anemic. My dad was, for a while. And I do have really low iron content in my blood. I would much rather be that than have mono. Seriously? That would suck. A lot.