My Challenge


The Challenge: I will be buying all organic (or local, sustainable, whatever you want to call it) groceries on a limited budget. This budget will start high, and then I will gradually readjust it. I will attempt to spend as little money as possible, and every week will post a recipe, my grocery list (with prices), and talk about what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

For now, my budget is $45 a week. I will work it down to an even more thrifty budget if possible. This budget is for food, so it does include eating out. If I buy too many groceries to feasibly eat out, I’ll take money from my “fun” budget. My goal is to make my trips to the co-op for the week around $30.

Plans to Meet the Challenge: I will make two large meals a week, and save the leftovers. I will also make my own bread/bagels/other baked goods. I’m going to drastically cut back on the amount of meat that I consume. Whenever possible, I will buy in bulk (grains, seeds, granola, etc.) and make things from scratch, with enough for leftovers for at least a week. I will also eat all of the food that I purchase, rather than letting anything go to waste.

Let’s do this! I’m excited!

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Quick Plug

I’ve been working on the blog for SPROUT, a student organization I’m involved with that works on sustainable food and gardening. It’s a super cool organization that I’m extremely proud of, and we have a cool semester ahead of us.

You should totally check out that blog here: Hamline SPROUT.